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January 2018

We have packed up the Christmas decorations and skipped over Blue Monday and got off to a flying start this January.

The Essex team of Louise and Llorien have been nominated for the Best Franchisee award in the WorkingMums annual awards.  You can read more about their journey and vote for them (please!) by clicking here.

As long standing British Franchise Association members, we were invited to submit an application for the 100 top UK franchises for 2018.

To win a place in the annual league table, we were assessed on certain criteria ranging from financial performance, growth, contribution to the industry and our communities as well as the support we provide our franchisees plus future plans for the business.

We are extremely proud to have ranked 62nd out of the 100 successful franchises in the whole of the UK. We beat off some very stiff competition from some of the biggest franchise names out there. 

We are now very proud to be able to display this logo.

Elite Franchise award

December 2017

Happy Christmas to all - we hope you have a relaxing break.
We have designed a children's fingerprinting activity for them to make unique cards / wrapping paper or Thank you's.  Enjoy!


Stay Safe Online this Christmas

During this busy time of year we seek out the perfect gift and the best deal, which can often be found online and has the added convenience of being delivered direct to your door.

 It is essential that we keep our guard up and consider the website from which we are making a purchase in order to protect our personal details to prevent identity theft and fraud.

 When buying online, consider the following:

  • Does the website look authentic with high quality images, product reviews and a contact telephone number and address?

  • Beware of bogus emails from fraudsters posing as charities, delivery companies and well-known retailers. Refrain from clicking on links in unexpected emails or texts and check the sender’s address as it may not marry up to who they say they are.

  • Do not click on any links that look remotely suspicious e.g. if you do not recall contact with them, poor spelling etc.

  • Always contact the company in question directly via their website if you need to check the authenticity of a communication.

  • When making an online payment to a website look out for the padlock in the browser. This doesn’t always mean a website is safe but it’s a good place to start.

  • When making an online purchase, trust your gut instinct, if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

November 2017

Make your own DNA out of sweets

You will need:

  • 4 different types of sweets

  • 2 long strands of candy such as liquorice

  • Tooth picks



Thread 2 different types of sweets onto the toothpicks and then repeat the process with the other 2 types of sweets. Then thread the toothpicks onto the candy strands.


This will then start to form a simple structure of DNA.


During our workshops we facilitate this exercise in a lot more detail, looking at the scientific representations of the sweets and the way in which they link together.


For more information on our workshops please click here.

October 2017

Fake Blood Recipe

With Halloween looming on the horizon, we have put together a couple of incredibly simple fake blood recipes that you can make using your store cupboard essentials.


Corn Syrup Recipe


  • Corn syrup

  • Chocolate sauce

  • Red food colouring



Depending on how much fake blood you need, pour the desired amount of corn syrup into a bowl, followed by some chocolate sauce and a teaspoon of red food colouring. Stir together until you have the desired consistency and shade of red. You may need to add some more red food colouring depending on your quantity.


Double Trouble Syrup Recipe


  • Golden syrup

  • Maple syrup

  • Red food colouring

  • Blue food colouring



Mix together one large tablespoon of golden syrup and one large tablespoon of maple syrup. Stir in a teaspoon of red food colouring and a couple of drops of blue food colouring for a more realistic shade of blood!


Top Tip: If the mixture is too runny for its intended purpose, stir in some cornstarch until the desired consistency is achieved.

September 2017

Try this Chromatography Experiment

Who wrote the ransom note?


Ink is a complex chemical made up of different colours which can be separated because they are carried at different speeds by water (if the ink is water soluble). Detectives can work out whether a specific pen has been used in a crime by examining the ink and the patterns it creates when it separates.


Kit list:

3 different black pens (water soluble)

One coffee filter paper, cut into wedges

Glass with <1cm water

Ransom note written with one of the pens - don’t show anyone which pen you used

Willing volunteers to be detectives.

Experiment Instructions:

  1. Cut the filter paper into wedges

  2. Show the volunteers as you draw a dot of each black pen on the filter paper, 2cm from the bottom of the wedge. Mark these A,B&C in permanent pen. See picture below.

  3. Dip the thin end of each wedge into a glass of water. The water will immediately be absorbed by the paper

  4. As the water reaches the ink dots, they will start dissolving into the paper - what colours can you see appearing?


They should all be making different rainbow patterns up the wedge.

These patterns can then be compared to the pattern left by the suspect’s pen.


If a permanent marker was used, a solvent other than water would have to be used to dissolve the ink.

August 2017

We have just emailed our latest newsletter to our subscribers - if you like to be kept in the loop, fill in the updates box over here >>

There's also a new kids activity sheet for the summer holidays

May 2017

The Detective Project has awarded three new franchisees.


Being welcomed into The Detective Project family is Crime Scene Investigator Louise Devereux from Harrogate. Louise has nearly two decades experience of examining crime scenes. Also coming onboard are business partners, Cath Reed, a primary school teacher and Mary Wood a retired police inspector both from Sussex.


Jenny Williams, Director of The Detective Project, said: “Louise, Cath and Mary have a huge range of relevant skills and experience that mean they will be well equipped to deliver exceptional events. We are thrilled to have them onboard.”


“This is a very exciting time for The Detective Project as this is a huge expansion for us. Our goal is to have a franchisee in every county.”




April 2017

The team is about to grow........ more soon :)


We have added a holiday quiz for kids ( and adults) to test your sleuthing skills.


February 2017

Stress Busting Party Tips

We all know children’s birthday parties can be stressful to organise when we are trying to juggle busy lives.


Over the years I have picked up some good tips on how to organise a party with minimal stress… I love running Detective parties for children (but admit I still get stressed running parties for my own children - it’s the emotional involvement)!



  • Don’t leave anything until the last minute - if you are booking entertainment do it at least 6 - 12 weeks before the big day to avoid disappointment

  • Think about the venue - hire a venue or a hall so your own house remains clean, however hiring a hall can be expensive so if you have space at home - go for it, children love being there.

  • For children under 10 - two hours is ample time for a birthday party.

  • Having food towards the end means the sugar high will coincide with home time, always a good call.

  • Fifteen kids appears to be the optimum number so that the birthday child doesn’t get ‘lost’ in the throng.


Who to invite?

  • You do not have to invite the entire class even if other parents have set a precedent of inviting everyone - it’s your child’s party, you get to chose.

  • Not all parents RSVP to invitations so chase up non responses and always have a couple of extra party bags ready for that unexpected child who floats in.

  • Printed paper invitations given to the parent with an RSVP slip are a fun way to invite guests. Invitations through verbal communication or social media don’t get taken as seriously and therefore the RSVP rate is low leading to a skewed expectation of guests.

  • 50% of the parties I run have no shows from invitee’s. Don’t be that parent - ALWAYS respond when you receive the invite.

  • If invitations are handed out to the children via school, they may get no further than the book bag!



  • Party food can be kept simple and fun. Kids love having pizza delivered and a big shop bought chocolate cake. Don’t feel you have to spend hours peeling grapes for it all to get wolfed down in a matter of minutes!

  • In my non-scientific survey, 90% of parties involve pizza

  • It’s not your job to get 5-a-day into the kids on the party day, don’t worry about it.

  • The most important bit is everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and the blowing out of candles. Everything else is - well, icing.

Party bags - love them or loathe them, they are here to stay.

  • Children love to receive a party bag at the end and will often come to expect it so make sure you’re prepared. We include them in our party cost so it’s a no brainer for parents (and you don’t end up buying toys from the pound shop)

  • A bar of chocolate would suffice - they’ll have something in their hands as they leave.


After the party……

  • Bask in the glory of a brilliant party - it’s the highlight you child’s year

  • Crack open the wine, and relax!!


But, don’t forget to send thank you’s - it’s still expected.


December 2016


Avoiding a Counterfeit Christmas


With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday deals upon us internet shopping for that perfect Christmas present has never been more enticing. However, as more and more of us shop online, the rise of counterfeit products and increased dramatically.


As of December 2015, over £360m was spent on counterfeit goods in the UK, according to online brand protection site NetNames.


So how can we make sure we are buying genuine, safe products?


Below are our top 5 tips for avoiding counterfeit goods:

  1. Price is a good indication of whether the product is genuine. It’s worth doing a price comparison across different retailers.

  2. Lots of products come with a serial that can be checked to determine if that are real.

  3. Packaging can be easily replicated, however, it is worth looking out for any discrepancies in brand logos, text or images.

  4. Going to the official brand’s website is often the safest way to avoid fake products.

  5. If in doubt go to a trusted high street retailer or if online, via a portal like Ebay or Amazon who have guarantees to protect you.



September 2016

For regular updates from all the presenters please follow our Twitter feeds;

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and Facebook

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June 2016

The downside of increasing our presence on social media is that we seem to have missed this news feed off the regular updates ooops!

It has been a busy year so far and we are heading into the summer holidays. There are many holiday clubs booked in and always a flurry of children's parties before the end of term. 

In contrast, many companies have staff away days and team building activities at this time of year so we have enjoyed running those too. 

There's never a dull moment at The Detective Project - just how we like it  :)



January 2016

After a well earned breather over Christmas, we have all hit the ground running in 2016.  Bookings and enquiries are flowing in and the word is spreading about The Detective Project.  

  • Louise & Llorien were filmed by the BBC recently and will be featuring on Inside Out London soon
  • Jenny is planning the first of a series of Discovery Days for people interested in finding out more about the franchise opportunity.
  • Tim is touring Wessex spreading the word about his new workshops.
  • All the presenters are joining forces to run workshops at The Big Bang Science Fair at the NEC on 14-18th March.  This is part of the national Science Week in Schools - come and say Hello if you're coming. 


November 2015

Jenny is celebrating 5 years in business!  Time flies when you are having fun....

This time 5 years ago she had a cunning idea for a business so designed a website (easier said than done) and gave out a few flyers. The bookings rolled in and the company has been on a steep growth/ learning curve ever since.

Lessons learned = many! 

Would you do it all again, knowing what I know now? - in a heartbeat, I love being the master of my own destiny.

If you are mulling over whether to stay employed or venture out on your own, JUST DO IT.  "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

If you think you have the skills to join our growing band of talented presenters & franchisees, get in contact. 


September 2015

We have all had a busy summer running events around the country. 

I'm delighted to introduce our newest franchisee, Tim Marshall. An experienced science teacher, Tim will be covering the Wessex area from his home near Yeovil.   More information about Tim will appear on his 'About me' page shortly.


July 2015

I'm very proud to announce that we are now members of the British Franchise Association.  This shows that we attain the highest standards of ethical franchising.

Potential franchisees can be assured that although relatively new to franchising, we have support from and the standards of the BFA.

June 2015

The corporate bookings are going well, we have joined forces with a couple of hotels to run team building events for them which have been well received.

We have some good news coming soon about the company, more later...

April 2015

We have been busy behind the scenes developing the corporate and team building events. A Youtube clip is available to give you a taster of an adults event along with a new flyer - we can send you a hard copy or email you a pdf.

The website has had a upgrade behind the scenes and we now have a mobile friendly site, so Google will like us too!

I'm excited to say we'll be expanding again soon ....  watch this space!


January 2015

New commerce site is available for detective themed goodies,
you can find it via the Facebook page here
We also have a Team Building and Corporate events flyer hot off the press, please contact us for a copy.

January 2015         Happy New Year

Phew! where did that year go??
January has started with a bang, the diary is looking good and we have some really interesting workshops lined up this quarter. 
Jenny is putting on a dress to attend the Natwest Venus Awards National Finals 2015, having won the Bristol & Somerset Home based business award.
Franchise enquiries are flowing in and we are looking for the best people to come on board.  If your new years resolution is to become self employed contact us for more information (via the Franchise tab)


Summer 2014

We have become Kallikids accredited!
I'm proud to say that all our presenters have passed the accreditation process for Kallikids. We receive so many bookings via word of mouth recommendation that joining Kallikids was an easy decision.   Customers can now easily give feedback for others to see.
Kallikids logo

July 2014

We have all had a busy couple of months running end of year school workshops and children's parties. Bookings are coming in for the new school year too, why not pencil a date in for your school Detective Club? - We can come and run a free assembly to introduce the idea.
The new Ecommerce site will be here soon...... We are having fun sourcing lots of Detective related goodies.


May 2014

We are looking forward to running the end of year workshops for schools looking to really challenge the children and end on a high.
Jenny is a finalist for another award (they are like buses!) This time it is the EWIF New Franchisor of the Year.  EWIF (Encouraging Women into Franchising) have been a great support in the franchising journey.

April 2014

Louise and Llorien are up and running in Essex and the enquiries are flowing in. After much consideration their skeleton is called Indiana Bones!
Jenny is very proud to have won the Natwest Venus Award 2014 and attended a very glittery awards ceremony.

March 2014

Our latest franchisee has come on board and I'm thrilled that The Detective Project will be operating in Essex very soon. What will the new skeleton be called though?



January 2014

Well, we hit the ground running! Many workshops in the diary and potential franchisees lined up. 2014 is set to be really good year.
Jenny has also been shortlisted for another couple of awards.
Venus award winner, The Detective ProjectThe Detective Project, Venus Award winner


Autumn 2013

Steve Sharkey's business is up and running and he's looking forward to some fun events in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile HQ have been meeting more really interesting potential franchisees. Watch this space!

Jenny also went to an event called Women Outside The Box in Bristol, its a celebration of entrepreneurship. As always, Sherlock Bones caught the attention of the media and I was interviewed by a journalist. Take a listen; 

July 2013 

Yeh! We've awarded our first franchise. I'm delighted to announce that we'll soon have a branch in Surrey. Steve Sharkey is an ex Met. detective and experienced in running school workshops.  What a week it's been! 

and the awards are tomorrow ….


June 2013

We have a busy month of workshops ahead. 
We'll also be getting dressed up to attend the Bristol Business Awards where we are finalists in the Start Up category - fingers crossed for the 26th.
There is also some very exciting news that I can't quite reveal yet….

May 2013

We were at the Redland May Fair running fingerprinting workshops and had a fun time.  Meanwhile Jenny had a fruitful road trip to London and some exciting meetings about the future of TPD. Watch this space!



Easter 2013

This week we turned 415 adults into detectives at the Science Museum, London
"Thank you so much for all your efforts last night. It was great to meet you. We were absolutely delighted with the event - you dealt really well with the huge number of people and everyone seemed to be getting really into it."
S.Umbo  Science Museum 'Lates'


March 2013

We've gained another award - this time for the website. Hurrah!
 Thanks to Webglu & Louise Harrison Design for their hard work.


February 2013

We launched the franchise opportunity with a bang at the biggest franchise show in the UK.  The response has been really exciting and we are looking forward to welcoming franchisees soon.
Here is the write up of the show.
Here is the press release.


January 2013


Happy New Year. This is going to be a big year for the company! We have launched our franchise opportunity and are busy sending out prospectuses to potential partners.
We will be at The Franchise Show at the Excel Centre, London on 22/23nd February.
In the meantime we have some new party theme ideas in the pipeline and lots of pa

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