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A MI Spy Party from the Detective Project is the ultimate choice for kids’ birthdays and celebrations. Our themed spy parties are designed for boys and girls of ages nine and upwards, the theme of the party being to break a code. A spy party for kids is the ultimate choice for your child’s celebration, and our themed party is designed to get even the most timid of guests involved.

All kids love spy party games, and our MI parties are designed to really get all your guests into the party spirit. Let us take all the hassle out of organizing a children’s party and let the Detective Project do the hard work for you. Your child’s spy-themed party will be an instant hit with everyone involved, our spy challenge having been written by an actual ex-spy. We use authentic code breaking, computer wizardry, and hi-tech gadgets to ensure the authenticity of your party and to ensure that all guests really get excited about finding the criminal at the party scene.

A spy birthday party really has to be the ultimate choice for your child’s next birthday celebration. Whether your kids are hooked on spy movies and CSI, or whether you are just looking for something different that will be memorable for all the right reasons, our spy and crime party games are the perfect mix. We supply all the props and kit for your party, and with each challenge lasting just over an hour, they are the perfect length for your child’s birthday celebration.

The Detective Project will take care of all the props and supplies for your party – all you need to do is organize the food and drinks.

We have the very best spy party ideas, our spy mission party being unique to Bristol and the South West. For your next birthday celebration, choose a kids’ spy party from The Detective Project. We guarantee that both you and the children will be very impressed.

Prices start from £175 for a group of up to 15 children and includes all the props, themed party bags, and invitations to download.

I just wanted to say a very big Thank You for hosting Freddies party today. He has had a fantastic time and really enjoyed it. His bedroom is already festooned with crime scene tape!!

Thank you again, Susie                                                            READ MORE

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