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The Detective Club

Detective clubs are a brilliant way of extending the science curriculum through after school or lunchtime clubs.
We can come to your school and present a FREE assembly to introduce ourselves and the fascinating activities we offer.

A group of up to 20 children meet together for 6/8 sessions within the school term and train to become an investigation team.
Each week we cover a different skill that they need to become a detective including;
  • Fingerprinting
  • chromatography
  • DNA for Detectives
  • Evidence collection 
  • Footprints and fibres
  • Interview skills
Children are asked to commit to a whole term and payment is made in advance by parents / school as appropriate. All admin and payment can be handled by The Detective Project so there is no burden on the school office.

Please Contact us for more information.

I just wanted to say thank you for this club - my daughter Megan loves it and is desperate to tell us about it when she gets home! Normally we don't hear much about school so it's great to get something out of her!!  SM  Bristol

Henry is having a great time at Detective Club. He was even telling a sales assistant last weekend about money forgery!  Best Wishes  JM

Thank you so much for coming over and doing the CSI workshop with the boys.  From all the feedback I have had from the mums and they boys -- they loved it. B.L    Bristol

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