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School Workshops

School Workshops

Our Workshops are a great way to bring the curriculum to life. Children love to be engaged in investigations - from science to other curriculum areas, and learn transferable detective investigation skills.

We set out an age appropriate crime scene and challenge the students to work collaboratively to solve the crime. Topics covered can include: fingerprints, skeletons and bones, DNA for Detectives, marks and fibres, odontology and impression marks.

Details - At a glance

  • Suitable for KS2 to A level (and beyond)
  • Workshops last from 1 hour to multiple day investigations.
  • Most suitable for 1 class at a time  due to the hands-on nature of the activities.
  • Activities can be repeated to enable whole school coverage.
  • All kit provided - even mini CSI suits

 A case study;

The Detective Project ran a 2 day workshop at a local primary school as part of their 'Team Challenge week'. All children from Reception to Yr 6 enjoyed a differentiated  crime scene investigation workshop. In addition to covering the learning objectives for the 'Team Challenge event' many Key Stage science curriculum objectives were also achieved.

Thank you for a fantastic MI Spy workshop in school! The children loved cracking codes and creating their own spy catching device. The cherry on the cake was unmasking one of our teachers as Viktor Badski at the end! The children were excited all day and now have a real enthusiasm for all things 'spy'! As teachers we can't wait for this topic to come round again. 
Kathryn, St Peter's C of E Primary, Bristol
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